CPKeeper (Color Profile Keeper)

This tool allows to apply and lock ICC profile files to keep monitors calibration even while running or quitting 3D fullscreen applications such as video games


Run CPKeeper.exe then click the [...] buttons to choose a .icc or .icm profile file for your monitor(s):

If you do not have a .icc or .icm file, click the [*] button to grab and save your current gamma ramp to file.

Click Apply to apply selected ICC profiles to monitors
Check Lock profile(s) to try to avoid other applications to override your ICC profile.
Click Reset to reset to your default windows ICC profile

Download CPKeeper 0.5

note: if the application doesn't run, please try to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)

Older versions:
Download CPKeeper 0.4
Download CPKeeper 0.3
Download CPKeeper 0.2
Download CPKeeper 0.1

Download source code (Visual C++/Qt4)

0.1: initial release
0.2: added settings options
0.3: fixed a crash
0.4: added a button to grab and save current gamma ramp
0.5: better efficiency