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Welcome to Snes9k official page

Snes9k is Snes9x with Kaillera client support.
This is still work in progress. Your help at finding bugs is really appreciated.

Some games suffer from desynchs (eg: UMK 3 ...), those games have the same problem with original snes9x netplay system anyway.

Please report to readme_kaillera.txt for details.

Download Snes9k version 0.09z (april, 3 2005)

- Compatible with classic Kaillera AND Emulinker server
- Improved speed / bandwidth consumption (thanks Moosehead)
- Use another registry branch than Snes9x, avoiding conflict between versions, please reconfigure snes9k the first time you run it.

As of september 13 2005 Snes9k is provided with's kailleraclient.dll

Download's kailleraclient.dll v1.1 (september 13 2005)

This kailleraclient.dll is a standard Kaillera v0.9 dll that has been altered to use the Master Server list at instead of This was done because (as of Sept 2005) the website has been down for months, and as a result nobody is able to get a server list. Users wish to continue to use Kaillera; therefore the owner of has started an alternative Kaillera Master Server.'s Master Server is currently driven from Anti3D's TopServers list on this website. Any server owner may freely Add their server to the list.

Should the original Master Server list at come back up sometime in the future, the's Master will act as a mirror so no confusion arrises between people with different versions of the dll.

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